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Project 365 is an attempt to shoot a photograph every day for a year.  

For me it has many benefits, not the least of which is a wonderful documentation of my life, family & work. I'm finding the project is also rekindling the joy of photography just for the sake of it, by forcing me to think about photography in a creative way at least once per day, not just for my paying job.

As I write this I've been shooting for about 3 weeks, and have over that time figured a basic set of rules which apply to 'my' project 365.

1. Shoot an image every day.

2. Failing that, use an image from a day or 2 either side of 'the' day.

3. Failing that, use a very old image, preferably from the film era.  The image should either be very good, have a great story, or show something personally significant.

4. All photographs should be either, great images, interesting events/articles/people, personally significant or documentation of something that occurred on the day.

January 2009

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January 2009

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February 2009


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Guestbook for Project 365 - A Photo A Day.
ohh.. I must say that all these pictures clicked so professionally and I love "Jericho" thank you for such beautiful photos
Aaron Spence(non-registered)
I got real busy & slack. Thinking of restarting soon.
what happened? I was enjoying this segment especially the comments!!
Lee Havens Photography
Thanks for your input in the blog. Enjoy the mixture of your creative pictures. You got me creative juices flowing and I took decided to the plunge to create my own Project 365. Look forward to seeing more of your creativity!
Alex Peyzner [Zenfolio](non-registered)
What a terrific idea! I really like your "speedracer" images of Elijah, great candid shots. Keep it up!